Germany Plans for a “Peak Oil” World

Via the Christian Science Monitor:

Der Spiegel reports that the German army (the Bundeswehr) has been planning for the time when global oil production peaks and begins to decline.  The picture painted by this analysis is anything but pretty.  Some examples:

Oil will determine power: The Bundeswehr Transformation Center writes that oil will become one decisive factor in determining the new landscape of international relations: “The relative importance of the oil-producing nations in the international system is growing. These nations are using the advantages resulting from this to expand the scope of their domestic and foreign policies and establish themselves as a new or resurgent regional, or in some cases even global leading powers.” . . . .

Crisis of political legitimacy: The Bundeswehr study also raises fears for the survival of democracy itself. Parts of the population could perceive the upheaval triggered by peak oil “as a general systemic crisis.” This would create “room for ideological and extremist alternatives to existing forms of government.” Fragmentation of the affected population is likely and could “in extreme cases lead to open conflict.”

Grim stuff.  The full article is here.
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