Crowdsourcing Matures as a Business Model

Springwise reports on the newest in crowdsourcing technology:  the design firm Edge Amsterdam is using it as their core business.crowd

[The] company recruits select young talent by invitation only via art schools and other connections to help create product and brand innovations. Experienced creative professionals in the Edge network ensure quality output through guidance and coaching; assignments can be related to marketing communications, where output is used directly, or innovation and trend concepts, where output can be used for further development.

Here is a case of a firm reorganizing so that crowdsourcing becomes its central function, not something that is added on to a standard business model.  Indeed, it seems that we are just beginning to understand how to use the full potential of the Internet as a collaborative tool, so that, as the Economist recently pointed out, the huge disruptions in the news and music businesses are probably just the beginnings of the full range of “creative destruction” to be wrought by the Internet.

Stay tuned.