Welcome, now start slashing

That is the title of a recent article in Inside Higher Ed, describing the fate of many recently hired college and university presidents and provosts.  Many times, they have been pursuing a position like this for years, only to finally win it at a time when they have no choice but to inflict damage on the institution that just hired them.

One thing the article doesn’t mention is the role that a strategic plan should be playing during this crisis.  The question facing new presidents and provosts at this time is “how can I make cuts that minimize the damage to the core functions and values of the institution?”  A good strategic plan will provide clear answers to that question.  The current crises are made even more trying when an institution either doesn’t have a strategic plan or has one that is nothing more than an operational plan with some prefatory boilerplate about the institution’s core values and mission.

How is your institution’s strategic plan measuring up during this crisis?

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