Selling Houses through Social Media

Builder magazine recently had a piece on how developers are slowly increasing their use of social media to sell houses.  It describes how Trumark Homes is using YouTube videos to sell their homes.  (Check it out above.) The most interesting thing about this is not the use of media, but rather how the developers have had to change their pitch to reach the consumers of social media:

[Any] resemblance between this video tour and a typical commercial is purely coincidental. For one thing, Trumark Homes’ name is barely noticeable. And, how many builders would subject their products and brand to unscripted, improvised commentary that, while never nasty or derogatory, is tinted with playful sarcasm? But maybe because it’s so seemingly offhanded and unvarnished, the video is effective in ways that conventional ads can’t be, and is just as likely—if not more so—to inspire empathetic viewers to visit the models themselves.

More and more, social media websites such as YouTube are emerging as important poles supporting builders’ marketing tents. That’s particularly true of the Irvine, Calif.–based Trumark, which as it expands has been rebranding communities for mostly younger buyers, and now includes in its arsenal to reach those customers a blog, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account.

Note once again that, for better or worse, the use of social media seems to require the advertiser to focus on personal relationships rather than product features as the key selling point.  The full story is here.  Via Planetizen.

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