Blogging is Dead

It’s not so much dead as it is really unfashionable. Want proof how passe blogging has become? The New York Times is reporting on its demise, which means it’s already been gone at least a few years:

While the younger generation is losing interest in blogging, people approaching middle age and older are sticking with it. Among 34-to-45-year-olds who use the Internet, the percentage who blog increased six points, to 16 percent, in 2010 from two years earlier, the Pew survey found. Blogging by 46-to-55-year-olds increased five percentage points, to 11 percent, while blogging among 65-to-73-year-olds rose two percentage points, to 8 percent.

The takeaway:  the trends for bloggers are a reflection of the trends for people who read blogs also.  So, if you want to reach old fogeys, blog away (but make sure you use other social media as well).  If you want to reach anybody else. . . .well I’m afraid I can’t help you.  Maybe you should try Facebook.

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