Manufacturing is Bouncing Back

This good news from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:

Indexes of manufacturing output hit their highest levels in seven years in the U.S. and more than ten years in Europe, marking an accelerating expansion that could add to inflationary pressures. Meanwhile, Asian factory output kept growing but at a less rapid pace. China’s manufacturing sector posted its slowest expansion in seven months, easing worries about an overheating factory sector there.

“Inflationary pressures?”  In the US?  You gotta love the new WSJ.  They can’t let an article go by without proselytizing for tighter money for their overlords.   Nonetheless this is a hopeful sign amid the doom and gloom.

Elsewhere in the Journal, Peter Alpern reports that more and more manufactures are using direct metal laser sintering technologies for production purposes.  We’ve posted on the use of similar “3D printing” technology before (see here and here).  An important trend to watch that is revolutionizing manufacturing, and maybe contributing (albeit slightly) to the current uptick.

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