Investors Seeking Social Media Start Ups

So says a recent article in the Wall Street Journal.  Apparently the hottest item among the monied crowd is to find fledgling firms that are creating social media applications that bypass the web entirely  and are designed for smartphone users.

Behind the spurt of new services is also the idea that the phone, carried by people at all times, can reinvent the notion of a social network by sharing more real-time information about where people are, what they’re seeing and even who they’re around.

The phone “provides a platform for developers to build experiences that are more personal in nature,” said [start up company] Path‘s Mr. [Dave] Morin [former Facebook executive]. What’s different now is the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets. “Now you have an opportunity to create these experiences at scale,” he said.

Here is how one entrepreneur describes the shift of social media from computers to phones:  “Instead of seeing your friends online alone in front of a PC, we allow people to interact with each other in real life,”. . .
Real life?  Hmmm. . .
You can read the whole article here.
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