Crowdsourcing for Social Good

We’ve already discussed how crowdsourcing is being used to solve business problems.  Over at the NYT’s Opinionator, Tina Rosenberg has a piece on how it is being used to solve social problems:

The California-based design firm Ideo has a site called, which posts various challenges: How can we get people to register to be bone-marrow donors?  How can we use cell phones to improve maternal health in poor countries?  How can we get kids more interested in eating fresh food?   Each challenge has a financial sponsor: a group interested in solving the problem — the kids and food challenge, for example, was sponsored by British chef and healthy food crusader Jamie Oliver. The process collects random ideas from the public, winnows them down by theme and then asks readers to refine the ideas.  The public then votes. “The site mirrors a brainstorming process,” said Beth Kanter, a blogger about social media and co-author of “The Networked Nonprofit.”

You can read the full post here.


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