Crowdfunding Goes to College

It is really hard to tell if this is good news or bad news. reports the launching of Takeashine, a crowdfunding site intended to raise college tuition money for “underserved” students:

Through the proven effectiveness of crowdfunding, Takeashine’s online community platform will help students meet their financial needs for higher education. The platform will allow students to showcase their talents using a variety of assets like a portfolio, resume, a photo of a sculpture they made or even a video of them performing a soliloquy from King Lear to encourage donors to support them and their goal of achieving a higher education.

Students are not only able to attend college but they will also gain valuable business and marketing skills throughout the process. Takeashine is the ultimate learning-enabling technology.  They have already reached their tipping point, which means they will be able to launch their website very soon for participating students.

On one hand, it is an interesting application of crowdfunding.  On the other:  have we left deserving students so high and dry that now they need to parade themselves before prospective funders like dancing bears in the hope that some patron with throw some spare change their way?  Yuck. . .

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