MedCottage: Bringing the Nursing Home to the Patient

Just to prove that we don’t think all technology is evil:

Springwise recently highlighted a new modular construction technology that could potentially enable people to bring advanced medical care to their homes, rather than having to bring elderly family members to a nursing home:

The 12-by-24-foot MedCottage connects to a single-family house’s electrical and water supplies much like an RV and is loaded with technology and amenities for the health, comfort and safety of the elderly or those recovering from illness or injury. The unit’s cozy bedroom, bathroom and kitchen offer the comforts of home while also incorporating the latest technology to monitor vital signs, filter the air and communicate with the outside world via video and cell phone text technology. A hospital-caliber bed is included, as is a toilet that measures weight, temperature and urine content, for example. Ankle-level sensors alert caregivers to an occupant’s fall, meanwhile, and a computer can even remind the occupant to take medications.

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