Gamechanger: Something for the Sports Geek

Here is a confession:  when I was in junior high, I used to keep score for the junior varsity baseball team.  (I also played a lot of baseball at both the junior varsity and varsity levels, so it’s not as bad as you think.)  But when I go to a baseball game, I still like keeping score.

Tech Crunch has a post on a new app designed for digital sport geeks who don’t want to bother bringing a pencil to a ballpark:

GameChanger Media, a startup founded in January 2009, is helping usher amateur sports into the digital age by offering a scorekeeping and stat-tracking app for mobile phones and tablets. Coaches or parents can keep score of baseball and softball games (GameChanger will soon be adding basketball and more) and track up to 150 different stats.

The apps are intuitive to use, powerful, and with one swipe you move players around the field, showing hits, outs, steals, etc. The data lives on Gamechanger’s servers, so the apps don’t slow down your devices. This also enables GameChanger to serve live scoring and statistical information. Fans and interested parents who might not be able to get to the game can choose premium services, which will allow access to SMS, email, Facebook, and Twitter alerts, customizable for particular teams and players, so that you can keep tabs on your son or daughter as they play. Local media sites can also embed GameChanger widgets into their sites to give local readers realtime info on their high school’s team, for example.

Hmm. . . One of the worst things (of many such things) that has gone wrong with youth sports is that the kids just can’t get away from their parents’ continual surveillance and supervision, and the pressure of having to be a surrogate for Mom and Dad’s sense of athletic self-worth.  Constant Tweets from Junior’s Little League game?  This can only make it worse.  Oh well. . . .

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