The “Gamification” of Everything

That’s the term Springwise uses to describe how gaming technology is permeating all aspects of life.  They recently highlighted a new product designed to take this all a step further:

Now in beta, GreenGoose seeks to help consumers have more fun doing everyday things. Toward that end, it’s gearing up to offer gaming apps along with kits including a wide array of sticky, wireless sensors and a base station to keep track of them. Consumers can stick a sensor on virtually anything — pet food scoops, frisbees and water bottles are some examples GreenGoose gives — and the base station will keep track of their use, awarding points in an online game each time a player performs a desirable activity. The company’s forthcoming Petagonia app, for instance, is a game that tracks dog walks, feeding and other activities associated with pet care.

Another step toward a Pavlovian paradise!  You can read all about it here.

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