Anybody remember what a moderate sounds like?

This blog post by Timothy Snyder over at the New York Review of Books reminded me of a point of view that is just plain missing in America these days.

Patriots pay their share. To refuse to do so in a moment of need, which is just what the Republicans leadership did during the negotiations over the federal debt ceiling in July, is to abandon the nation rather than to serve it. The notion that the federal government ought to be starved of resources is not patriotism: it is right-wing anarchism, which corrodes not only the American state but the American nation. America is defined by its middle classes, and these are ceasing to exist. Belonging to the middle classes means that, without enormous wealth, you do not need to be concerned about the security of your pension, the quality of your children’s education, and the reliability of your family’s health care.

For better or worse, he takes a shot at the irresponsible behavior of the Republican leadership, but reading his entire post made me nostalgic for a national leadership that, if lacking in solutions, could at least recognize the major challenges facing our republic.  You can read the full post here.

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