A New Resource for Higher Education Planning

The Society for College and University Planning has launched a new web portal to keep abreast of the major planning challenges facing colleges and universities.  The opening page raises some very fundamental questions that the portal is intended to help participants answer:  “Do we still need physical classrooms? Are courses effective when information is fluid across disciplines and subject to continual changes? What value does a university provide society when educational resources and processes are open and transparent?”

Here is a paragraph from a typical entry on the site:  “The way to improve the student learning experience is not to treat students as consumers nor to claim. . .that students lie at the “heart of the system”. It is rather by recognising that universities are about the expansive production of knowledge and meaning and that this can best be achieved by students and academics working collaboratively on research projects inside and outside the curriculum.

A very interesting and potentially valuable resource for those in the field.  You can check it out here.

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