Digital Learning Badges: Universal Workforce Credentials?

Last month, Mozilla launched a new platform to share digital learning badges across the web.  The idea being to make it easier for people to accumulate and share on-line proof of skills and competencies:

Here’s what they had to say about it:

More and more people are looking at badges to show skills and achievements online. Mozilla is currently developing its own badges for things like Javascript courses at the School of Webcraft. We’ve also talked to groups as diverse as 4H, NASA, PBS, P2PU, Intel and the US Department of Education, all of whom plan to develop digital badges.

Open Badges is a response to this trend: an open specification and APIs that provide any organization the basic building blocks they need to offer badges in a standard, interoperable manner.

If we’re successful, the benefits to learners will be tremendous. Open Badges will let you gather badges from any site on the internet, combining them into a story about what you know and what you’ve achieved. There is a real chance to create learning that works more like the web.

You can read their full announcement here.  You can read a white paper on the badges approach to learning here.

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