Another Triumph for Finger Lakes Wine

The New York Times‘ wine writer, Eric Asimov, actually likes them. . . a lot:

The difficult climate, combined with a diverse combination of soils, makes the Finger Lakes one of the most unusual American wine regions. In the last decade or so, it has begun to show its enormous potential, as a small but growing number of producers makes graceful wines that stand in contrast to prevailing styles from the West Coast.

Fortuitously, the region hitched itself to riesling just as, in the last 10 years, riesling skyrocketed in popularity in the United States. Nowadays, top producers are not simply making good Finger Lakes rieslings, or good American rieslings. They are making seriously good world-class rieslings, in a multitude of styles.

But this goes beyond wine.  We’ve done a fair amount of work both in the wine industry and the Finger Lakes.  This is an industry that contributes a great deal, both in terms of culinary tourism and in creating a quality of life that helps attract and retain talent.  (To see what has come out of some work we did in Texas, click here.) Getting this kind of attention helps build the competitiveness of the Finger Lakes as a wine-producing region, a tourism destination and makes economic development in the region just a bit easier.  Asimov’s full story is here.

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