Just Who is the Dumbest Generation?

According to Inside Higher Ed,  a new report from the University of Washington suggests that today’s college students are doing a very good job of managing all the technology with which we’ve bombarded them.

In her interviews with students studying at the library, [study coauthor Alison Head] said she heard countless stories of students who said “I have a cell phone because I have three jobs and it’s basically my lifeline to my jobs and how I’m paying tuition and I’m here completing an assignment and then I’ll go to a job in the next two hours.”

Head also noticed how students, in growing numbers, were using social media and other technologies as study tools — nearly two-thirds of the respondents said they had used social media for coursework. One student said he was having trouble understanding concepts in his physics class, so he researched lessons on YouTube, which helped him catch up with the coursework.

The study indicates that, not only are students not slacking off, they may be making creative use of technology to help them learn more effectively.  And they apparently resent the fact that the old folks dosn’t understand what they’re doing and chalk it up to slacking off.   Which raises the question of who actually is the dumbest generation, doesn’t it?

You can download the full study here.

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