Shapeways: Bringing 3D Printing to the Masses?

I know, we’re getting a little obsessive about 3-D printing.  But TechCrunch recently reported that 3-D printer Shapeways just raised $5.1 million and is preparing to expand its presence into the New York metro area:

Historically goods ordered (and then printed) through Shapeways have been manufactured either through contracted third-parties, or through the company’s own facility in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Now that it will be able to print stateside, the net result will be faster turnout times for customers, and lower prices. The company hasn’t specified exactly what kind of savings to expect just yet, but I’m told they will be substantial.

For those that haven’t used it, Shapeways is both a service for printing out your 3D designs, and a marketplace for designers to sell their custom-printed wares to customers.

The video shows their technology for 3D printing in metal.  Pretty cool. . .

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