Are Free On-Line Resources Undermining Higher Ed’s Business Model? (Part 2)

Following our post yesterday, we’ve got some more thoughts about the challenge on-line learning poses for public higher education.  It goes even further than just the delivery of educational content through videos and other on-line technology.  

Inside Higher Ed has a piece on how Khan is creating analytics for instructors that are designed to enable those instructors to predict student outcomes and focus attention and resources on those students who require the most assistance. (In the video above Khan briefly talks about how this approach is intended to revolutionize public higher education by “humanizing” it.)

“I think too much conversation about Khan Academy is about cute little videos,” Khan said in an interview last week. “Most of our resources, almost two-thirds of [the staff], are engineers working on the exercises and analytics platform. That, I think, is what we’re most excited about.”

That piece is here.  As more of these models arise, mid-tier public universities will come under increasing pressure to demonstrate that they can produce results better than those achieved by such models offered by upper-tier institutions at a fraction of the cost of regular tuition.  Are those mid-tier institutions ready for this?

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