Design as a Key Skill in the 21st Century

We’ve discussed this before, but over at the New England Journal of Higher Education, Montserrat College president Stephen Immerman makes a case for art and design education to be considered equally important for economic life as disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math:

So much of the narrative of our modern world is dependent on making meaning from images. From the latest electronic gadget, to advertisement to how we communicate and conduct commerce, the visual world is faster, fuller, and more complex. Students preparing to be visual communicators learn how to create and manipulate those images as well how to critically evaluate the information they are visually consuming. The constant practice of critique in Arts Education prepares students to evaluate what they see, effectively give and receive feedback on their work, as well as comment on the work of their peers and that of other artists. In a world that increasingly bombards us all with information in visual form, the ability to successfully negotiate and evaluate the visual environment is increasingly necessary as a life skill.

You can read his full argument here.

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