2011 at a Glance

TechCrunch‘s Andrew Keen interviews futurist Marian Salzman about the “top trends in 2011.”  Be warned:  even though it doesn’t say so explicitly, the discussion focuses on trends in consumer attitudes & behaviors.  (The global financial crisis–which was kind of big news this year–is only mentioned indirectly.)  Also, the production values in this video are a bit goofy.  Mr. Keen sounds like a cross between a Monty Python character and the narrator of every boring educational film/video you’ve ever had to suffer through.  Ms. Salzman–clearly unaware that she’s on camera continually–keeps wiping her nose.

Some of the observations are a bit trite (e.g., 2011 was the year of anger a la the Arab Spring, Tea Partiers and Occupy Wall Street), but through it all, there are some things worth pondering:  will  student loans make up the next bubble?  Is tablet technology changing the way we live/learn/relate?

Take a look.

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