The Most Important Development Trends of the 21st Century

That’s the modest topic of a new white paper by the Urban Land Institute, a developer’s think thank. Here’s what they describe as the foundational trends that will transform development in the US and beyond:

Accelerating Globalization—. . . . Burgeoning and shrinking cities mirror investors’ search for lower costs of production and optimum locations for both manufacturing and services. . . .

Changing Demographics—. . . . The “barbell” population groups of the Boomers and Generation Y challenge the markets, from where and how we live and work, to how we learn, heal, and relax.

Ever-Evolving Technologies—. . . The community-building potential of communications technology is on a meteoric catapult across the globe, replacing entire industries along the way. . . .

Warning: As even these short excerpts suggest, this piece is horrendously written–full of jargon and awkward phrasing.  But is it still worth slogging through.

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