Technology & the Ongoing Reinvention of Education & Workforce Development

The rapid adoption of technology into education raises profound challenges and opportunities for education and workforce development.  The latest in this saga is from the Atlantic:

As the historical model of education continues to come into contact with disruptive technologies, those technologies strike increasingly close to the heart of education’s basic value proposition. Institutions like University of Phoenix leverage the internet to provide students with degrees more flexibly and inexpensively. This means lower profit margins per student for Phoenix, but much greater scalability than the traditional university model. Khan Academy and similar online learning programs ignore the degree/certification aspect. Instead, they aim a level deeper–at the actual provision of knowledge and learning–as the target of their technological optimization.

Code Academy, Dev Bootcamp, and Hacker School aim yet another level deeper. They offer the most direct proposition: the means and opportunity for lucrative employment. While many “ed-tech” startups are making attempts at broad innovations for education, these programs aim at a problem of narrow scope: the dearth of available, high-quality programming talent.

You can read the full story here.

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