FabCafe: Have a part made while waiting for your coffee

Springwise has a post on FabCafe, a Japanese establishment that offers 3D printing along with coffee:

FabCafein Shibuya is now offering the use of a laser-cutting machine along with its range of hot drinks.

The coffee shop, designed by Naruse-Inokuma Architects, is equipped with power outlets and wifi for laptops, as well as a Universal VLS6.60 laser-cutter. Customers can arrive with a pre-made vector file — or a laptop to make one — which they can then upload to a queue for the cutter. The machine turns the designs into 3-D objects, accommodating a wide range of materials including wood, felt, acrylic and leather. Use of the laser cutter costs JPY 2000 for 30 minutes when sharing with two others, or JPY 5000 to have sole use for the same amount of time. Aiming to bring designers together in a leisure/work setting, FabCafe intends to organize networking events and creative workshops in the future. The café, which is run by digital media production company loftwork, is also aiming to provide high quality coffee and has created its own signature drink, the marshmallow latte.

What won’t they think of next?

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