Europe Paying a Price for Sustainable Agriculture

According to Deutsche Welle, Europe is experiencing an egg crisis set off by recent regulations intended to promote more humane farming practices:

An EU ban on hen battery cages has caused egg prices to reach record levels, with the food industry hardest hit by short supplies, the EU Commission said. The shortage is expected to last months.

Egg prices have “surged considerably” in recent weeks, the EU Commission said in a statement Thursday, with prices for both breakfast eggs as well as eggs for industrial use at “record levels.”

“As a result of a ban on cross-border trade in eggs from small battery cages, egg supply substantially dwindled,” the European Union’s executive body admitted.

According to figures released by Brussels, breakfast eggs cost 55 percent more in the first week of March, compared with prices in the week before. In relation to average prices before the battery cage ban took effect on January 1, eggs were almost 44 percent more expensive now.

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