Changing the Economic Development Game: Ireland Crowdsources Job Creation

This from a recent Springwise post:

Businesses can benefit from crowdsourcing in many ways – from problem-solving with university talent to gaining new ideas for economic improvement. Now ConnectIreland is encouraging the crowds to pass on the details of business contacts looking to expand in Europe, in exchange for monetary imbursement.

The initiative has been appointed by the Irish government and industrial development agency IDA Ireland to help boost job creation in the country in the wake of the financial crisis. ConnectIreland is relying on individuals to seek out their business contacts that are currently looking to expand in Europe. After registering on the site and handing over details of a potential contact, ConnectIreland considers the suitability of launching that contact’s business in Ireland. If successful, the user acts as a ‘Connector’ and is required to set up an appointment with the business. If talks are successful and the contact agrees to expand in Ireland, Connectors are viable to receive a reward of EUR 1,500 per job created by that enterprise.

As you can see above, they even have a YouTube video promoting the program.  If this works, the economic development profession will never be the same.

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