The Mauling of Enclosed Malls

We’ve mentioned this before.  Enclosed shopping malls, those retail juggernauts of the 20th Century, are dropping like flies.  Over at Greater Greater Washington, Dan Malouf has the latest from the Washington, DC area:

The reasons malls have closed vary as much as the malls themselves. Some closed because they were housed in cheap buildings that simply reached the end of their intended lifespans, while others couldn’t compete with the mixed-use town center developments that have become common in recent years.

Geography seems to be unimportant in whether a mall lives or dies. Red dots permeate all corners of the map, regardless of the wealth of the jurisdiction.

One thing that does seem to make a difference is size. Larger malls that draw from a wider area generally seem more likely to thrive than smaller ones.

Now if somebody can only do something about straight-pipe motorcycles and telemarketers, I’ll be a happy man.

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