Rotterdam Crowdfunds a Walkway

Last week we looked at the potential for crowdfunding urban improvements.  This week Springwise has a piece on efforts by the City of Rotterdam to crowdfund a pedestrian walkway:

[A] wooden pedestrian bridge dubbed the Luchtsingel will span 350 meters and require 17,000 planks. Citizens are invited to chip in and help fund the effort with donations of anywhere between EUR 25 for one plank and EUR 1,250 for an entire bridge section — whatever the size of their purchase, they can inscribe the result with their name or any other text of their choice. Perhaps most interesting of all is that the length of the bridge will depend on the number of planks purchased. With more than 1,000 participants to date, roughly 14 percent of the bridge has been built so far.

Check out the project website here.

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