Crowdsourcing Strategy

The McKinsey Quarterly has a piece on organizations that have used wikis and other crowdsourcing technology to create open strategic planning processes (registration required).  As the article points out, this approach sometimes requires a change in the nature of leadership roles:

Taking these principles to their logical conclusion suggests a shift in the strategic-leadership role of the CEO and other members of the C-suite: from “all-knowing decision makers,” who are expected to know everything and tell others what to do, to “social architects,” who spend a lot of time thinking about how to create the processes and incentives that unearth the best thinking and unleash the full potential of all who work at a company.7 Making this shift doesn’t imply an abdication of strategic leadership. The CEO and other top executives still have the right—indeed, the responsibility—to step in if things go awry, and of course they continue to be responsible for making the difficult trade-offs that are the essence of good strategy.

Worth considering, particularly for public sector leaders, who are usually required to crowdsource such decisions.


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