The Ongoing Transformation of Higher Education

For years, higher education has been seen as one of the pillars of the US’s economy’s competitive advantage.  As we’ve noted on this site, it is a field that is undergoing a profound transformation that will have huge implications for our economy and society.  The New England Journal of Higher Education is beginning a series examining what these changes might mean for colleges and the society they serve.  Philip DiSalvio, dean of University College at UMass Boston starts the discussion in the current issue:

On state university campuses across the nation, the concept of consolidating campuses and academic assets has gained traction as state support for higher education declines.

We’re now beginning to see a wave of college closings and merger discussions. Forces of change could accelerate the pace. . . . Many institutions have endowments, and students pay upfront with large government subsidies. But for some institutions, endowments are being tapped and the sense of a higher education bubble about to burst is taking hold.

You can read his piece here.

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