America’s Hidden Tech Meccas

That’s the focus of a recent piece in Fast Company. We’ve previously highlighted Cleveland’s surprising entrepreneurial culture.  But the folks as Fast Company see the beginning of a seismic shift of tech scenes to what used to be considered the hinterlands of innovation.

The reasons for the shift are complex and differ from one city to the next, but in many cases, they boil down to this: The Internet has lifted the cost and geographic barriers of starting a business. That, combined with the proliferation of local incubators and other support networks, has freed entrepreneurs all over the country to innovate, and take risks, without losing their shirt. Barriers remain: Talent still hugs the coasts and funding can be woefully hard to snag, even for the most dogged entrepreneurs. But the momentum persists. Who knows? Maybe the next Facebook will emerge from Phoenix, Arizona, or Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here, we zero in on thriving tech communities in 15 places you’d never think to look.

You can check out their list here.

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