Southern States Take the Lead in Workforce Development

That is the assertion in a recent article in Governing magazine:

Southern states [particularly Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and South Carolina] have become adept at training residents to acquire and keep jobs. Each state’s program is unique, but they share some commonalities. All are offered free of charge to incoming or expanding businesses as part of an overall incentive package that typically includes other benefits, such as tax breaks. In each of these four states, the job-training program partners directly with specific employers to ensure that the workforce is adequately prepared to take actual jobs that are already available. To be sure, there are critics who question whether states should be so intimately involved with training private-sector workers for private-sector jobs. Why, they argue, should taxpayers foot the bill for companies to train their own employees? On the whole, though, officials say these publicly funded training programs provide a definite net gain for their states, which is why more and more people are looking to these Southern programs as models.

The full story is here.

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