New Report: Create National “Learning Exchange” to improve Workforce Development

A recent post at Inside Higher Education cites a study by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce that suggests that the US does a reasonable job of producing BA graduates.  If we really want to improve our workforce development efforts, says the report, we need to focus on the community college level:

Underinvestment in sub-baccalaureate credentials has led to a messy, disorganized system of job training for 29 million middle-class jobs for workers without bachelor’s degrees, according to the report, which was released jointly by the center and Civic Enterprises, a public policy research firm. . . .

The report proposes a national “learning exchange” to make the pipeline more efficient. It describes an information system that students could use to see what sort of training and education they need to land jobs. The exchange would benefit colleges by helping them to tailor their [curricula] to the job market, and it would also help employers by training more skilled workers.

You can read the article here.  Find out more about the Georgetown study here.

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