NYC Tech Connect: New Pathways for Commercialization?

Tech Crunch highlights an effort to create a new path for commercialization of academic research:

As funding dwindles across the life sciences industry, researchers at major universities are increasingly adopting the entrepreneurial models forged by the tech world. With help from groups like NYC TechConnect, scientists are taking their inventions and discoveries out of the lab and into the free market.

Nowhere was this trend more evident than today at the NYC Emerging Technologies Summit, where 20 researchers from the top institutes in New York presented their most exciting, most marketable research. Unlike a traditional scientific conference, this event, which took place at Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute, was less about the underlying science and more about networking opportunities with industry investors, private capital and foundations. Each presenter had a brisk four minutes to convey not only the science, but also the final-product marketability of their early-stage technologies.

Read all about it here.

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