Redesigning Campuses for New Models of Education

We’ve posted before about how new models for learning are affecting how space is used on college campuses.  Over at Educause Review Online, architect Shirley Dugdale outlines ten principles for adapting campuses to the new world of technologically infused learning:

  • Analyze the whole campus as learning space.
  • Develop insights from user engagement.
  • Plan to support multiple types of learning.
  • Leverage space strategies to enable experimentation.
  • Leverage growth in hybrid courses to gain improved space utilization.
  • Seek strategic partnerships to develop informal learning space.
  • Consider diffuse vs. centralized distribution of functions.
  • Link space performance to learning assessment.
  • Develop workplace settings that foster learning organizations.
  • Recognize learning space beyond the campus.

You can read full descriptions of each of these principles here.

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