The Urban Advantage: A Network of Thinkers

That’s the pitch made by Yoon J. Lee and Frank F. Britt in a recent post at Boston. com:

[Boston World Partnerships or BWP] was among the first [organization in Boston] to recognize that the innovation economy is the connection economy. BWP helped Boston become a more open and connected city. It galvanized passionate professionals and business leaders to open their networks to help businesses better access resources. By doing so, BWP leveled Greater Boston’s social and political hierarchy and over 4 years enabled about 35,000 professionals to connect at live events and via social media.

And they go on to argue that it is the open connections between a talented population that will fuel Boston’s competitive advantage in the future.  In other words, it is not just talent, but connected talent that creates a competitive advantage.  Something other places probably need to consider in finding an niche in an innovation-based economy.  The full post is here.


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