Crowdsourcing Locally Grown Produce

According to Springwise, a Danish supermarket is the latest to try this:Crowd

Supermarkets are convenient, but often source their products from multinational companies and farms in distant locations, racking up carbon emissions and squeezing out local competition along the way. Danish co-operative grocery superstore SuperBrugsen now aims to offer a popular alternative by getting customers to suggest local products they would like to see on the shelves of their nearest store.

The company, which is owned by Coop Denmark, has set up a form on its website that allows anyone to suggest a locally-made product or supplier operating in the country. After filling out a description of their suggestion and reasons why SuperBrugsen should collaborate, managers will taste-test any products to ensure they are up to standard. The company hopes to introduce 500 new local products to its 230 stores upon completion of the scheme.


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