The Next Big Public Health Breakthrough: Walking

For years, planners have been advocating the creation of “walkable” neighborhoods.  Now, according to Citiwire, they aresilly_walks1 getting some powerful allies in public health and corporate America:

More than 100 organizations, ranging from the National PTA to the American Lung Association to AARP to NAACP to Nike, were at the meeting. Despite their varied missions, the vast majority agreed on two goals: 1) Encouraging everyone to walk more; and 2) Boosting policies, practices and investments to will make communities more walkable. A national summit to launch a walking movement is being planned for Oct. 1-3

The effort is based upon an increased understanding of the significant public health benefits involved in even a modest amount of walking.  (“If walking was a pill or surgical procedure, it would be on 60 Minutes.”) You can read the full post here.

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