The Geography of Innovation: A Map of Patent Activity, 2007-11

The State Science and Technology Institute recently released a report showing patent activity in eacPatents by State, 2007-11h of the fifty states.  As you can see in the accompanying map (click on it for a larger version), there are some surprises.  With the exception of Maine, all New England seems to be a hotbed on innovation.  Massachusetts is no surprise (thank you, MIT), but the rest of the region is right there with the Bay State.  Here’s SSTI’s take on the data:

Between 2007 and 2012, the U.S. recovered from a temporary patenting lull in the wake of the economic crisis, jumping more than 43 percent. Most states shared in this patent resurgence, though activity continues to be concentrated in a few states. About one quarter of 2012 U.S. patents were awarded in California, the leading patenting state. About half of all patents were awarded in the top five states, California, Texas, New York, Massachusetts and Washington.

You can download the data in an Excel spreadsheet here.

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