Does College Cause Inequality?

One theme in the post-war American dream has been that college education improves opportunities and increases equality.  Atalent recent piece in the Atlantic highlighted studies suggesting that may no longer be the case.  One surprise finding–due to declining government support, public institutions may be just as culpable as privates:

Colleges actively recruit “full pay” students who can attend and will not need financial aid. A 2011 survey by Inside Higher Ed found that about 35 percent of admissions directors at 4-year institutions, particularly public colleges, had increased their efforts to target “full pay” students. Far from wanting to enroll more low-income students, colleges recruit more affluent ones who will pay full price to attend. A follow-up survey of college business officers found that the most common strategy to deal with financial challenges in the next few years was to “raise net tuition revenue.” More than 7 in 10 college CFOs cited this answer. In other words, schools are becoming more reliant on the inequality in the system than ever before. . . .

The full story is here.

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