Technology, Cities and MOOCs

In this one post, we get to cover three topics that interest us most:  technological innovation, urbanism and MOOCs (massive open online courses).  Ohio State professor of city and regional planning Jennifer Evans-Connelly reports on her experience teaching a course on technology and the city as a MOOC:Crowd

With 21,225 people from across the globe registered for the class, this provided a rich opportunity for sharing ideas for using technology to build great cities. One of the most exciting ways that participants shared their ideas is through their final project. Ranging from videos, to posters, to reports, we were truly impressed with the diversity and practicality of the exciting ideas that participants brought forward. [Co-teacher of the course] Tom Sanchez and I invited students to submit their project for consideration for inclusion in an ebook highlighting the best projects. You can vote on the ideas you would like to see included.

In her post Evans-Connelly describes some of the more interesting student projects, ranging from videos to apps that enable people to plan public spaces ro get the latest population projections for ethnic groups in their cities.  They even put together a collection of “how to” videos for people who want to take on similar projects for themselves.

The full post is available via Planetizen.

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