Another Way 3-D Printing Will Change the Economy

According to the Economist, one effect 3-D printing will have will be to cut down on factory and warehouse  inventory and thereby reduce demand for “logistics” companys that ship and store stuff.  At least one such company, UPS, understands that threat and ilogisticss creating a new service to offset it:

Stratasys, a Minneapolis company which is one of the leading makers of 3D printers, will provide its uPrint SE desktop machines to six UPS Stores in America for a trial programme. These machines will allow customers to bring their designs to the store and have them printed out as objects—in much the same way as people take two-dimensional digital documents to the store and have them printed on paper. The uPrint machines can produce items in plastic in a range of colours and make bigger objects in finer detail than consumer-level 3D printers.

Creative destruction at work.  The full post is here.

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