New Lumina Foundation Report Assesses State of Workforce

LuminaMapThe Lumina Foundation has released a national report that provides a county-by-county assessment of the education levels of the US workforce.  While lauding progress the country has made in providing higher education to more of its citizens, the report finds some cause for concern regarding the US workforce:

Unfortunately, it is a long-standing reality that educational success is very uneven. In particular, low-income and first-generation students, racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants and adults have traditionally been underrepresented among college students and graduates. As a result, these Americans are bearing a disproportionate share of the increasingly severe consequences of not completing postsecondary education. Since increasing higher education attainment is critical to a strong economy and a strong society, the fact that educational success is denied to so many in our nation can fairly and accurately be described as a crisis.

The full report (including an interactive map) is here.

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