Research Triangle Park is Obsolete

And is looking to a redesign to remain relevant.  This according to the Atlantic Cities blog:

The park remains the world’s largest, but so much of that world has changed, has passed it by. And now it is RTPlooking to adapt to a present with wildly different values, one that cherishes urban spaces, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and, well, high-grade coffee. “We have 7,000 acres,” [Bob Geolas, the chief executive officer of the park’s foundation] says. “And you can’t buy a Starbucks anywhere in this park.” . . .

. . . . “This needs to be a place of great inspiration, but there’s nothing inspiring about it,” he says. Part of the push is a recognition that the economics that built the park are shifting. Companies are investing differently, particularly in research and development. Technological advancements mean they don’t require the kind of space the park provides. And the employees who remain on site want a better workplace experience, Geolas says.

The full post is here.

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