Are Latino Workers More Interested in Working in a Large Firm?

So says Harvard Business Review blogger Tammy Erikson.  According to her research, Latino workers express a Openhigh degree of interest in working in large organizations.  The research suggests that Latinos are looking for the stability in employment, flexibility in working assignments and opportunities for advancement that are most likely found in large organizations:

This preference is in sharp contrast to Gen Y’s as a whole; a recent Deloitte survey found that only 20% of Y’s overall want to be a leader in a large organization, while 70% of respondents want to launch their own organization. Because of this, developing an environment that is attractive to Hispanics should be an immediate priority for every major organization.

She goes on to make the following point about the Latino’s desire for work in stable, large organizations:

Companies that provide development support and resources will be well-positioned to attract and retain Hispanics. Informal, on-the-job mentoring, as well as financial support for formal learning is important. Members of this cohort are less likely to be attracted to ambiguous, “define your own job” positions and, perhaps because of the sense of broad family responsibility, are less likely than other ethnic groups to be attracted to entrepreneurial settings.

On the other hand, research by the Kauffman Fund suggests that Latinos are increasingly entrepreneurial, and by 2011, were more than twice as likely to start their own businesses as Anglos.  In any case, this group has become, and will remain an increasingly important part of the US workforce for the foreseeable future.  We need to make sure that all economic development systems (from small business assistance to workforce training in large corporations) provide ample opportunity for Latinos.

Erikson’s full post is here.

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