This is how big the change facing colleges could be. . .

The title from the Atlantic Cities piece says it all:  “Could the College Campus Go the Way of the Bookstore?”University

In the piece Anthony Flint makes the following argument:

The main strategy is to re-imagine college buildings and their functions. The lecture hall and the computer lab are seen as dinosaurs, replaced by flexible space where students can interact and collaborate and meet informally, laptops and tablets at the ready. The dormitory is another goner. Residence halls are morphing into “living-learning communities,” while hyper-wired, newfangled student centers eclipse the traditional library.

In this sense, MOOCs are only a symptom of a much larger transformation that is underway.  Is it an opportunity for better learning or a threat to it? Stay tuned.  Agree or disagree, Flint’s perspective is well worth the read.

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