Davis Educational Foundation Targets Higher Ed Costs

The New England Journal of Higher Education has created a page devoted to recommendations recently made by thetalent David Education Foundation to reduce the costs and improve the productivity of higher education in New England.  Some of the highlighted findings include:

  • “A ‘perfect  storm’  of  financial,  political,  demographic  and technological  forces  have  aligned  to  make the “business  model”unsustainable  for  the majority  of  U.S. higher  education  institutions (HEIs). . . .”
  • “Over  half  of institutions have  graduation rates  under  50%—which  represents  a  significant  loss  of resources  given  the  time  and  money  they  spend  recruiting  and  onboarding students. Most HEIs  need  to  consider  hiring  a  chief  retention  officer  if  they  haven’t  already. . . .”
  • “Differentiation is  a  critical  issue  for  many ,  if  not  all, institutions—and  a  very  important challenge  in  a  region  that  has  a  surplus  of  institutions.    ‘If  you  can’t  be  meaningfully  unique, then you’d  better  be  cheap’—but it  is  very  difficult  to  compete  on  cost  and  cost  alone.  Students  and  parents  are  looking  for  value,  not  just  low  cost. . . .”

An interesting take on the state of higher education, both nationally and in the New England region. Check out the full webpage at the link.


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