Revolutions in Learning in the 21st Century

That’s the subject of a post by Steve Mintz, the Executive Director of the University of Texas System’s Institute for Transformational Learning over at Inside Higher Education.  Given how important a talented workforce is to economic development, economic developers need to monitor these trends as closely as colleges and universities.  Here are some of the big changes Mr. Mintz sees for learning in the 21st Century:21stCentury

It will be data-driven.

Courses taught at scale will give us unprecedented insights into how students learn. Embedded assessments will allow us to better understand how students navigate the learning experience and interact with the course material. We will better be able to identify gaps in learners’ understanding and confusions shared by groups of students. We will learn more than we ever have about the differences between successful and unsuccessful students, and what successful learners do to master a specific skills or concept. In addition, data will enhance our understanding of how students respond to different pedagogical strategies.

It will be personalized.

Just as marketing, retailing, journalism, and entertainment programming have become more personalized, so, too, will higher education. Courses will become more individualized as instructors embrace adaptive learning, which will customize students’ learning pathways. Courses with embedded diagnostics will offer just-in-time remediation and enrichment activities to students, while learning dashboards will allow instructors, coaches, and advisers to intervene with real-time data.

It will take advantage of technology in ways that truly enhance the learning experience.

. . . .These technologies will allow for learning anytime, anywhere. These technologies are connectivist, facilitating interaction of students to other learners, instructors and coaches, and experts.

You might not agree with all of his prognostications, but it is an interesting read.  The full post is here.


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