NYU to Open Entrepreneur’s Lab

According to Xconomy, NYU is creating a lab to serve as a centralized hub for its offerings for entrepreneurs:

leslie_elab_2-220x146Historically when people wanted to learn more about entrepreneurship at the university, [Frank Rimalovski, executive director of the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute] says, the response has been to steer them to a website or tell them to come to an event. If all goes according to schedule, this will change by the fall of this year. “We’ll have a place people can come to with a dedicated staff to answer questions and point them in the right direction,”he says.

NYU recently unveiled plans for the Mark and Debra Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab (aka the Leslie eLab). The 5,900-square-foot space will be a block off of Washington Square Park, at the heart of the campus, Rimalovski says. The lab will be a space for researchers, students, and faculty from across NYU’s schools to get plugged into programs and resources at the university. “We’ll be able to provide more instruction, training, and mentorship,” says Rimalovski.

The initiative has a two-fold purpose:  to provide better support to the entrepreneurs in and around NYU and to get the universities’ entrepreneurs better connected to New York City’s innovation economy.  You can read the full story here.

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