Peter Fairweather Speaks at Tug Hill Local Government Day

Last week, Peter Fairweather gave a talk about local government consolidation at the Tug Hill consolidateCommission’s Local Government day.  The talk was covered by the Watertown Daily Times:

“[Consolidation is] about as enjoyable as getting a root canal. And there are perfectly good reasons to get a root canal, but you should be clear about what those are,” Mr. Fairweather, president of Fairweather Consulting of New Paltz, said during a presentation on shared and consolidated services at the 2014 Local Government Conference hosted by the state Tug Hill Commission.

Mr. Fairweather told the audience at the daylong conference that to be successful, municipalities seeking to consolidate and share services must have the following five qualities: clear goals, realistic expectations, good working relationships, sustained leadership and patience.

You can read the full article here.